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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  March 31, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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spectacular. we will look at some wind speeds today. on the breezy side but not as windy as yesterday. we can see wind speeds at 10 to 20 miles an hour and right now we are at 15-mile an hour winds in to washington. gaithersburg 11. winchester 15 as well and also in to baltimore. as we look at the temperatures right now, coming in at 47 in to arlington. 49 in the to washington and 47 in to springfield. ft. belvoir 48. sterling 48. but with those winds i showed you the temperatures are feeling in the low 40s for this morning. as you head out and about, if you tend to get chilly you may want to grab a jacket. other than that you can put it away in the afternoon. head over to angie with the traffic. right now we want to tell you about the biggest traffic alert out there. south capitol street is shut down between chesapeake street
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and massachusetts avenue because of ongoing police investigation. the best way to get around this is take sovereign avenue to 4th street to get you to atlantic. our 9 news now kristin fisher is on the scene and will have a live report on the latest on the investigation coming up. meanwhile we will take you to route 4, branch avenue, 30 is. this area is incident and accident free. typical volume as we kick off the 6:00 hour. next stop is the outer loop in maryland. drivers are moving at a good pace but dropping speed from university between university and georgia avenue. 395 northbound we are watching the volume pick up between duke to seminary and slow on 95 northbound. first delay is between the prince william parkway and lorton and the second is once you hit the fairfax county parkway exit and make your way to backlick. at one after the hour, police are investigating one of the worst shootings many the city in 15 years.
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four people are dead. six others are hurt. a drive by shooting rocks the area in southeast washington. kristin fisher is there live as police look for a motive. >> you can see there is quite a bit of police activity out here on south capitol street this morning and police have made progress throughout the night. three people are now arrested. they are in police custody. they have also recovered a weapon but if police are any closer as to finding a motive they are keeping tight-lipped at this time. let's recap. this started 7:30 yesterday evening. police say a gunman started to spray bullets in to a crowd outside of the apartment complex on south capitol street. six men and three women were hilt. all in their 20s and 30s except for one teenager.
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four dc police officers were injured in a car accident while chasing a vehicle they believed to be involved in this incident. fortunately those officers only suffered minor injuries and three people in the car are in custody. the big question this morning is now motive. especially since this is the most deadly outbreak of gun fire in dc since ' 94. >> obviously we will look at all of those things to see what the motive was. we can't talk to a motive until we talked to the witnesses and once we have we will let you know obviously. >> reporter: this shooting spree comes at a time when crime is down in the nation's capital. 143 homicides were reported last year and that's the fewest in 50 years. so we have spoke to several neighbors out here, both last night and this morning. some people say they are shocked that these crimes could have occurred here in their neighborhood. others say they are not surprised given the amount of gang violence in the area.
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but as for an exact motive we will have to wait and see. back to you. >> thank you. more terrorists in russia. at least 12 people are dead after two suicide bombings this morning. nine police officers are among those killed. it happened in southern russia. that province borders chechnya, a region believed tied to the subway bombings in moscow. they were the first in the russian capital in six years. we have an update on the plane diverted from national airport to dulles. the transportation security administration says american eagle flight took the action because of a passenger acting strangely. initial reports said there was a bomb threat. all the passenger were interviewed and allowed to go on the way. the plane checked out find. in st. louis, a delta
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flight was heading to san francisco on tuesday from new york. passengers on board were able to get off the flight safely. officials say it is unclear where the smoke came from. this american morning a flood alert. historic water levels across a large part of the northeast. ground zero, rhode island. this is what it looked like on tuesday providence. the governor calls it unprecedented with water approaching 100 year levels. thousands were evacuated from their homes with little warning. >> they bailed us out. can be -- didn't have time to grab anything to eat. >> reporter: it's this same scene across most of new england. the river in connecticut is well over its banks flooding neighborhoods. it could hit a record high. while in massachusetts floodwaters are damaging roads. the governor there is urging people to take mass transit if they can. admit it, just about all of us speed while driving and a
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lot of us think as long as we are going a few miles over the limit we are okay. well, not so according to our partners at "usa today." it finds more police departments are handing out tickets to people going a little over the limit. the reason, money. officers are under pressure to bring in more revenue and that means more tickets for all of us. time for a "living $mart" report and jessica doyle is here and she says all aboard. >> that's right. that quick trip to philadelphia or new york is getting less expensive. the reason is amtrak is making permanent some discounted fares. a year ago the service started to discount as much as 25% off of some northeast regional fares. it now decided to make them permanent. one-way travel between washington and new york will go for as little as $49 or washington to philadelphia for $35. the discounts require a 14-day
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advance ticket purchase. there's a lot of excitement over new expectations for apple's iphones. this year it could be available for verizon wireless and sprint nextel customers. since the launch in 2007, the iphone has been available in the u.s. only to at&t subscribers, but the wall street -- but "wall street journal" reports they plan to release an iphone that will work on technology used by verizon wireless and sprint nextel in the u.s. big doings at see on the hill university. students who arrive next year will be getting a free ipad. they are replacing text books with computers and allowing them to down load text books cheaper and they will get a mac book pro. it is a catholic liberal arts college. of course we say free. they are paying tuition but it is wrapped in. >> it could increase attendance there which will help as well. >> a nice bonus. >> some great minds are being
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honored today here in washington. they will be inducted in the national and vetters hall of fame. people like art fry and spencer silver, they invented post-it notes. ralph by the way created modern video game technology and roger easton came up with the foundation for the gps. the inventors will be honored today at the commerce department. what is old is new again. bob ehrlich is running for his old job. what he says as he kicks off his campaign. and right now we focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's lynnette charles. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it will be an absolutely gorgeous day. the rain is out of here. we are only dealing with plenty of sunshine as the day goes on. temperatures at 9:00 will be around 50 in the upper 40s as well. this goes in to motion and we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast. you can see it changes colors to yellows. that means we will warm up nicely. temperatures close to 67, 68
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degrees and a lot of spots this morning, this afternoon rather and we will see more of that in to the 5:00 hour. the inner loop to the wilson bridge in virginia watch out. we are getting a report of an accident out there. moving over to bradley boulevard and connecticut avenue. looks like a nice quiet commute hire. drivers are moving at speed and i will steal something from jessica doyle. she said it all is aboard. flying high out of baltimore to the parkway. a clear commute. the time is 6:09. we have more traffic, weather and news in 90 seconds. stay with 9 news now.
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welcome back to 9 news now. it will be a political rematch in maryland this november. former governor bob ehrlich has made it official. the one-term republican is running against o'malley a democrat. ehrlich will kick off his campaign next week with a stop in rockville. last night n glen burnie, ehrlich said he's excited about the race. >> i look forward to a vigorous campaign. we look forward to many debates. we welcome forward to not just compare and contrast two past administrations, but also a vision for the future of where maryland is going, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and next ten years. >> reporter: the campaign
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manager tom russell released this statement -- now to the district and its heated mayoral primary. council chairman vincent gray officially jumped to the race on tuesday. bruce johnson first broke the story two weeks ago. he has the latest. >> vicinity sent gray had been telling insiders two weeks ago he would run. today he filled out papers to make it official. >> i have just completed filing my papers to run for mayor of the district of columbia [cheering and applause] >> save the city! >> reporter: council chairman reminded supporters he is a dc native, a graduate of public schools and george washington university. >> we can do better in the district of columbia. we can do better. we can do better. >> reporter: he passed on a chance to take a shot at mayor
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fenty. the two have been feuding over everything from city contracts to the firing of school employees tone to the sharing of season baseball tickets. insiders tell me that vincent gray had no choice but to announce at this point because fenty has such a head start when it comes to fund-raising. he has $4 million raised thus far. >> reporter: insiders say he will need $2 million in the war chest. supporters say they will do the rest to get their candidate across the finish line. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: mayor fenty and his leadership style will be the key issues. >> we with vincent gray we have an open-door policy. under employed and under employed. >> he knows how to work with all aspects of the community and is very open. >> someone who has character authenticity and integrity and will unite the city.
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in a statement mayor fen industry's administration touted its achievements -- primary day is september 14th. our time is just shy of 6:14. here's what is in the news now. four people are dead and six more hurt after a gunman opened fire on a crowd in the district. it happened last night along south capitol street. three suspects are now in custody. bond hearings today for the accused members of a right-wing militia. police say the group wanted to spark an uprising against the government. the calendar may say spring but that's not the case. check out the snow on tuesday in california. the lake tahoe resort should get another three inches today. better them than us. >> you said it. >> we say good morning to lynnette. >> good morning, everyone. we like the fact we will get some sunshine in here as we go throughout the day and then throughout the week the temperatures will warm up
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nicely. be prepared for it. we have talking about shorts, t- shirts, flip flops. oh, yeah. we will take this. the next three days, plenty of sunshine will persist in to the afternoon. today, a high coming in at 69 degrees. right around 78 as we go in to thursday. friday at 81. oh, yes, the forecast gets better and better. show you what is going on as we head to the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, that will give way, breezy and on the cooler side with breezes around. the temperature is 42 to 50 degrees. this morning, well, we are not too bad because we will start to clear out. we had a few showers if you were up with us but breezy and cool. highs 63 to 69. the winds from the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. this afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and mild. and we will be seeing winds from the northwest at 10 to 20. and then the winds will die down. that's what we like to see. tonight, mostly clear and
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chilly. lows 37 to 44. the winds from the north at five to ten miles an hour and tomorrow, sunny and warm. highs 74 to 80 and the winds on the light side. satellite and radar not picking up on anything. the area of low pressure has pushed away from us. what we will start to see is some warming temperatures and more sunshine in the forecast. you can see that warmup pulling in here and that will continue the next several days. be on the lookout for outside golfing and tennis. arlington around 68 and lows tonight will drop off, 44 in to washington. 41 andrews air force base and brandy wine at 42. the seven-day outlook not too bad. we will start off today, coming in at 69 degrees an by thursday it gets better from there. friday, saturday, temperature 81, 82 degrees and then by sunday, monday time frame that's where it looks like a weak front could come through
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the area but we will bounce back and see more sunshine and ample sunshine returns by tuesday. angie, how's the traffic looking? >> we are not moving much out in the southwest, southeast area right there on the border. south capitol street still have an ongoing police investigation that is keeping the road closed between chesapeake and mistmy avenue. the best bet to get around it is use southern avenue to 4th street to access atlantic. we have detours in place and police are on the scene and they plan to be there throughout the rush. moving to the inner loop, if you are crossing the wilson bridge in the express lanes, we have confirmed crash activity. the good news is it is off to the left shoulder. the flow of traffic is getting by. take you to maryland southbound. things are picking up a bit between germantown and i-370. happy to report no accidents on this instate. 66 eastbound, it is a slow ride between 50 and 123.
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drivers are making a push to the beltway and 495 in virginia. no real problem between 95 past braddock road to 66. nice, green and clean. you know what that means, we are moving at speed. over to you. our time is 6:18. in about five hours, president obama will reverse course and allow oil drilling off the coast of virginia. work will be done 50 miles off the coast. it changes a ban that's been in place for 20 years. this. the announce will come in tandem which will reject some drilling in alaska. the president will make speech at andrews air force base. this is 24 hours after president obama signed new student loan regulations in to law. dr. biden's wife is a teacher there. the government will now handle most student loans, a move he president says will save money that is passed on to students.
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>> not only will we offer 800,000 additional pell awards over the next ten years but raise the am they are worth to almost $6,000 so that inflation does not erode the value of your grants t [ applause ] >> reporter: so what do these new rules mean to the average family? go to and visit the "living $mart" page. we have questions and answers on the student loan plan. president obama is also pushing for international sanctions against iran. he's joined in that call by the president of france. nicholas sarkozy met with this president and the two presidential couples shared a private dinner. earlier in the day, carla, france's first lady visited a charter school and read a book to the class. ahead in sports, the wizards try to snap their 15- game losing streak. and the capitals and senators go to overtime.
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in three minutes sara walsh shows how the win ended.
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good morning. i'm sara walsh with a quick look at sports. the capitals have had issues lately with the way tay started. last night against the senators it was more of the same. they will have a bigger issue with the way they finished. the caps hosting the senators at the phone booth. second period, they started it down 3-1, but already within one here. mike green's laser shot ties it at all 3-all. number 18 on the year for again. alex is the game winner for ottawa. caps lose 5-4. the wizards on the road at houston. 30 seconds to play in this one, tied at 92. chase the jumper off the glass for the lead and the win 98-94. houston wins. this wizards have lost six
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straight. spring training winding down. nats at the marlins on tuesday. bottom of the third tied at one. ronnie off the wall. a two-run double makes it 3-1 fish. marlins win it 9 half 5. that's a quick look at the morning sports. have a great wednesday. ahead, west virginia congressman eric cantor is saying something about a violent threat against his family. with tax day approaching learn how long you have to work this year to pay off uncle sam. south capitol street is still closed between chesapeake street and mississippi street because of an ongoing police investigation. i will have a way around it coming up. lynnette? the rain is gone but the wind is here making for a chilly morning. i will tell you when you can get rid of this old thing and the seven-day forecast coming up.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we are back. a lot of cleaning up to do in new england. towns from new jersey to maine are seeing the worst flooding they have seen in a half century. roads are closed across the region and thousands of people were evacuated. hopefully the water will be going down soon. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is off today. meteorologist lynnette charles is on the weather terrace with the forecast and layering up is what people need to do, right.
6:29 am
>> that's right. right now a good gust of wind. you can see my jacket and hair blowing. another day, ladies, that the day will not be so great because of the hair. you may want to pull it back. the winds we are dealing with are from the northwest. we can see in to washington right about 50-mile an hour winds right now and we are seeing more of that as we head to the eastern shore, as well. make sure you bundle up as you head out for today. temperatures coming in around 47 degrees in to washington and we will be seeing more of that and the big story is there is a wind chill out there. so all the 40s you are seeing are feeling like the upper 30s today. bundle up. >> we can hear it gusting in your mic, lynnette. thank you very much. half way through the 6:00 hour. the same situation out here in dc. the police investigation is going on that has south capitol street shut down between chesapeake and mississippi avenue. the way to get around this, southern and take it to 4th to get on to atlantic.
6:30 am
kristin fisher is there and she will have an update on the investigation coming up. 495, the inner loop and express lanes as you cross the wilson bridge, notice a good amount of congestion here. that's because approaching the telegraph road exit we have crash activity taking away two lanes. we are watching this delay. on 395, in the northbound trip is slow between the beltway and seminary. no incidents here and 66 eastbound. looks like we have a new wreck activity off to the left shoulder here at business 234. and you are mainly slow after that between route 50 and 123. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. this morning, police confirm four people are dead, six more are hurt after a shooting in the district. it's the worst in the city in 15 years. the shooting happened 12 hours ago along south capitol street. kristin fisher is live there with the latest. what more do we know? >> just because the shooting
6:31 am
happened 12 hours ago doesn't mean we aren't having a police presence here on south capitol street. look behind me and you can see a block of south capitol street is blocked as we head to the morning rush hour after what was the worst outbreak of gun violence in dc in nearly 16 years. just to recap, four people are dead and five more injured. this started 7:30 tuesday evening. police say a gunman started to spray butts in to the crowd around the 4,000 block of south capitol street outside of an apartment complex. six men and three women were hit, all in their 20s and 30s except for one teenager. one victim died at the scene, one dead on arrival at the hospital and a third died in the operating room and a fourth victim died this morning. four dc police officers were also injured while chasing the suspect's vehicle. they got in to a minor car accident. fortunately they only suffered minor injuries the three people
6:32 am
in the car they were chasing are now in custody. the question is of course motive. a lot of people wonder if this has anything to do with gang violence or retaliation. police are keeping quiet right now but neighbors are talking and some say they are shocked this could happen in their neighborhood. others say they are not surprised. take a listen. >> i'm amazed and astounded because this -- that doesn't happen in this neighborhood. >> this generation just doesn't have any type of morals. it's like you say something to them -- you can't conversate with them anymore. it is more so, like they are ready to shoot you for anything. >> reporter: now again, police have made progress in the investigation. three people are in custody. they have recovered a weapon but again as for a motive near keeping quiet. back to you. >> thank you. despite the violent night the murder rate overall is down in the district so far this year. as of monday night there had been 20 murders in the city.
6:33 am
compare that to 31 at the same time last year. a drop of 35%. some of that may be attributed to the blizzards in february. shoplifting leads to shot being fired in a mall parking lot in montgomery county. police are looking if two suspects. officers responded to a shoplifting report at target yesterday afternoon. the suspects drove off and an officer fired his gun to stop them. the car was found on the other side of the mall parking lot. one person was taken in to custody and two others remain at large. one person is at the hospital this morning after being hit by a car. it happened last night at wisconsin avenue and m street in georgetown. police are not calling this a hit and run. it remains under investigation. virginia congressman eric cantor is addressing all of the anger surrounding politics these days. the republican lawmaker is no stranger to the hostility. a philadelphia man recently tried to post an internet video
6:34 am
calling him the devil. >> unfortunately, you know, some who resort to violence, unfortunately they come up with any side the political spectrum and again we look to law enforcement to deal with them and i think that is the proper thing to do. >> reporter: the man accused of making the threats is ordered held without bail pending a mental evaluation. the pilot of a traffic plane was able to walk away from an accident in frederick, maryland. the aircraft flipped over yesterday as it was making an emergency landing at the battlefield. police say the cessna 182 lost power before it set down in a field. the pilot suffered a slight injury. the passenger in the plane was not hurt. the pilot of another small plane was killed when it crashed in to this side of a u.p.s. warehouse. it happened yesterday near the roanoke regional airport in virginia. the plane was taking off when it hit power lines and crashed in to the corner of the
6:35 am
building. it is time for a "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has new news on local home prices. >> there's some good and bad news. the good news is homes here and around the country, we are still seeing prices inch higher. the bad news is we are not sure how long it will last. home prices in 20 cities tracked by the standard & poors index rose 3% in january but up 0.2% in the washington region. they are worried a new wave of foreclosures will hit this year putting more pressure on the prices. this year it will take you 99 days in the office to earn enough money to pay the irs. tax freedom day mark the date when most americans have earned enough money to pay their federal, state and local taxes. they say this year it arrives april 9th. one day later than last year. they also say that americans will spend more on taxes this year than food, clothing and
6:36 am
shelter combined. just two weeks until april 15th. tax tip thursday is back tomorrow. you have a tax question? i am going to bling you answers. e-mail me at financial i will have more advice tomorrow and there is a link to submit your questions on our home page at still haven't done my own taxes yet. >> i know. i have organized everything. >> that's happen half of the battle. >> that's it. >> that's the one thing. tonight another chance to weigh in on met tremendous' proposed service cuts and hikes. there's a meeting tonight at 2100 clarendon boulevard in arlington, virginia. for more information on the meetings this week go to the extras section at it's 6:36. ahead how all the pink and white from the cherry blossoms add up to green for local businesses. plus, a followup to those wild lines on chain bridge
6:37 am
road. do,dot promises action to get things straight again. here's meteorologist lynnette charles. >> good morning, everyone. it is turning tout to be a stellar day. we got rid of the shower and going to talk about the temperatures. they will be nice in to the afternoon 678 start with 9:00 this morning. we can -- we could see upper 40s and low 50 and midge plenty of anyone in the afternoon with temperatures 78, 71 in spots. and we will also be around the upper 60s and that will continue even as we go to the 5:00 hour. you can see the yellows. that means we will see warm temperatures and feeling a lot of warm temperatures, as well. let's take it over to angie. she has the traffic. bright and sunny. bring it on. thank you, lynnette. hello, everybody. we are focusing on the virginia roads and the inner loop in the eck press lanes between the wilson bridge and telegraph road exit. crash activity is taking away two lanes and a good amount of congestion at the wilson bridge
6:38 am
as you leave maryland. moving to 95 northbound. stop and go between the prince wilt am parkway and backlick. tacking on 15 minutes for that stretch of the commute and 66 eastbound. watching this crash activity. it is pushed to the shoulder here. the left shoulder. at business route 234 and then slow after this from 50 to 123. the time is 6:38. happy wednesday, everybody. you are watching 9 news now. we will be right back after these messages.
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good morning. a new study says chocolate does a heart good. german researchers town small dose of chocolate can decrease your risk of having a heart attack or stroke by 40%. authors of the study follow
6:43 am
20,000 people over eight years. you can find more in the study in the european heart journals. we say good morning to maggie rodriguez. she's in new york with a preview of the "early show." good morning, maggie. >> hi, andrea. good morning to you. i don't know what it has been like here in washington but here in new york it has been days of non-stop rain. nothing compared to what we are seeing further north where a state of emergency is declare. there are record-setting rains forcing residents to evacuate. rising floodwaters and damage like never seen before. we will give you the latest from hardest hit area and bring the latest weather report before. sandra bullock's husband is in sex rehab but she doesn't want any part of the marriage but he is trying to get it fixed. we will talk about the arlington native who everybody's heart goes out to. we will have an early exclusive with the woman who thought she was the luck iest woman in the world to hit a grab pot only to have it taken
6:44 am
away from her. we hope you will stay tuned. >> we will. have a good day. forget everything you have heard about the cherry blossoms and when they will peak this year, today is the day. the national parks service says today will be the peak. 70% of the blossoms will be open by the end of the day. so it starts today and will go through friday. the cherry blossom festival runs through april 11st. it will be crowded this weekend. a perfect storm of easter, passover, spring break and the cherry blossoms. it will be a huge boost for local businesses. >> reporter: when these buds turn to pink, washington sees green. >> the icon and the brand of washington, d.c. >> reporter: annie condition that is more than about pretty face. an estimate commissioned by the national parks service says visitors to the annual cherry blossom festival will ring up $126 million in spending over
6:45 am
16 days. almost $8 million daily. >> the festival attracts 50 million people with 85% outside of the washington area. it is extremely important to washington and our economy. >> reporter: like numerous tourist attractions throughout the nation, the cherry blossoms have had to combat a sluggish economy. the festival showed signs of recession resistance last year, including a sellout for tickets to the annual parade and an uptick in hotel occupancy during peak week. planners credit a balance of free events and getting hotels and restaurants on board for flexible ways to participate. >> the city is totally in concert together with the hotels and the restaurants. >> reporter: that can be as pricy as a overnight stay or a cherry themed menu items. >> we have fresh cherry pies and tarts. >> reporter: it means drawing locals out to see and spend. >> reporter: for a tourism industry that got socked with a record snowfall, a welcome sign
6:46 am
of spring. >> six weeks later we are experiencing the blooming of these wonderful trees and a lot of interest coming back to washington, d.c. >> reporter: in northwest washington, 9 news now. >> right now at metro, learn about the local restaurants with cherry blossom festivals and where to see the trees without seeing the tourists. check out metro 6:46. lynnette charles is here and have you been out looking at the cherry blossoms? >> i haven't yet but it will be gorgeous, especially if you are doing it this weekend. it will be amazing. have you seen it. >> i was looking at them. there's some in the neighborhood and that's as close as i have gotten. >> exactly. we will talk about the weather and plenty of sunshine as we go through the rest of the day and even in to the weekend. with warmer temperatures, as well. show you what is going on in terms of the three-day forecast. we have plenty of sunshine in the forecast continuing today, tomorrow, the day after that.
6:47 am
you like that trend? 81 degrees as we head in to friday. the bus stop forecast for today, it is not a bad one. a pretty good one as the kids head out and about. they won't need the umbrella today. breezy and cool. temperature 48 to 50. through the rest of the morning we will get clearing out there. highs will be 63 to 69. the winds from the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. mostly sunny by this afternoon. still a little on the breezy side with the winds from the northwest at 10 to 20. and we are going to look even better as we head in to tomorrow. before then, lows tonight coming in at 37 to 4 -- 44. it will be mostly clear and chilly. tomorrow, sunny and warm with a high of 74 to 80 degrees. right now, temperatures are coming in at 47 in to baltimore and dc right around 50 degrees. but with that we are definitely dealing with cloud cover. we'd rather have the cloud cover than the rain. the rain is out of here because the area of low pressure moved off. skirted off in to new england. they will be a little on the
6:48 am
soggy side. we are looking good as high pressure will build in here as we go throughout the day and also we will start to see a nice warming up trend, as well. get out and enjoy it. it will be gorgeous. highs today 69 in to dc. 68 in to arlington. no complaints there. as we go to the evening time frame, temperature around 44 degrees for our low. in to dc. and here's the seven-day outlook as we look spectacular as we head to the weekend. temperatures around 81 and 82. on saturday, make sure you head out to see the nationals play the red sox in an exhibition game and then that's at 4:00 and then you have them playing on monday and that's opening game day at 1:00 p.m. enjoy yourself yourselves and now it is time for angie and traffic. >> take me out to the ballpark and let's hope that teddy wins. this is your year in the races. thanks for joining us. right now we be will begin with a traffic alert we have been watching. a police investigation is keeping south capitol street
6:49 am
closed between chesapeake and mississippi avenue. the best way to get around it is take southern to forest to get you to atlantic and there's detours in place but they plan to be here throughout the rush. so you have to use, if you are planning to commute this morning. on the inner loop, better news on the accident approaching the telegraph road exit. it is pushed to the left shoulder. notice the congestion here on the wilson bridge coming in from maryland. starting to finally break apart nicely. on the outer loop, another story, folks. we have a confirmed accident at the connecticut avenue exit. as a result of that, we are starting to see pretty big backups around the new hampshire avenue exit. making the way to the scene, a total drive time of 20 minutes. keeping things moving. good morning, virginia. heading eastbound on 66, a brighter spot out here near business 234. the crash activity, that was left shoulder is now cleared. mainly delayed from 50 to nutley and finally it is one solid slow go on 395 making the way northbound from the beltway
6:50 am
to seminary. right now okay across the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. back to you. coming up on 6:50. a followup to a story we brought you at this time yesterday a bizarre sight on the chain bridge. remember those weird lane markings? hours after the bridge reopened from last weekend's construction, the yellow and white lines were all over the place. this morning at 11:00 crews will go back there and put down new stripes we spoke to runners on the bridge yesterday. they got a good laugh out of it. >> you think that is a dui test for the weekend? >> it could be a hazard if you are not paying attention and all of a sudden you are looking at the road and all of a sudden you are all over the place. >> someone needs to come down here and take these up an put them down in a nice straight line. >> reporter: the work on chain bridge started last summer. it should wrap up by may 31st. in sports, the capitals have six games left and they have a 6 -- six point lead over san jose for the best record in
6:51 am
the nhl. last night alexei scored with 19 seconds left in overtime. washington loses 5-4. the caps are dropped three straight. still not as bad as the wizards. they make it 16 losses in a row. washington fell to houston last night 98-94. the wizards visit the hornets tonight. the time is 6:51. 48 degrees here in northwest washington. they will try to dry out today in rhode island. in three minutes what uncle sam is doing about severe flooding there.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
new orleans wednesday morning here's what is in the news now. dc police are looking for a motive in a mass shooting. four people died and six were hurt last night in southeast washington. police arrested three suspects. sky 9 is live over dunnston road in lorton, virginia. a major house fire there has been burning four hours.
6:55 am
you can see firefighters are still trying to put it out. no one was hurt but the damage is pretty bad. president obama has declared part of rhode island a disaster area. the governor there said floods like this haven't been seen in more than a half century. all right. looks like a beautiful day outside. the day at a glance, increasing clouds and breezy. 9:00, mostly sunny skies and that will continue in to lunchtime today and by 5:00 the temperature is 58. currently at 50. the seven-day forecast is around the corner. totino's is proud to announce...
6:56 am
that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots.
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[ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. the police investigation continues south capitol is closed between chesapeake and mississippi avenue. going to be like this throughout the rush hour.
6:59 am
moving over to 495, an update in maryland. looks like the outer loop accident at connecticut is clear but new problem on the inner loop at new hampshire. more crash activity reported. 95 northbound, another crash reported at 123. it is off to the shoulder but adding to the backup around prince william parkway. lets up once you reach the backlick exit. over to you. we will be dealing with plenty of sunshine today and that will continue as we go through the next several days. 81, 82 in to saturday. sunday and monday, maybe a slight front will come through with maybe a shower in the forecast. 30% chance. get out and enjoy today. gorgeous. >> as for the forecast on wall street, not looking as good as lynnette's forecast for the weather but we are looking lower and could have good news with the jobs data coming out. we have more on the near collision in in the san francisco airport and why a video by cark badu is raising eyebrows. >> the next newscast is


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